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The Happy Hotline

To be, or to convince others not to be.

What do you do when you come to a great realization? Do you keep your epiphany to yourself, or do you share it with the world?

Jay works as an operator at the Minneapolis branch of the Happy Hotline. On a particularly icy and boring day at the office, Jay accidentally leads a caller to commit suicide. Jay realizes that he's saved the caller from having to live a miserable, depressing life.

Jay embarks on a nihilistic quest to save every caller from their meaningless lives. Meanwhile, Joseph, a caller Jay saved before his epiphany, ascertains the mayhem that Jay wreaks and tries to stop him.

As Jay’s rampage nears its murderous conclusion, Joseph must grapple with his own beliefs on whether or not life is worth living. But is it possible to dive into the depths of nihilism and come away victorious, let alone alive?

A Dark Psychological Novel

The Happy Hotline is a novel that deals with the dark themes of nihilism and suicide.

To bolster the efforts of organizations that help people in dealing with these issues,

$1 will be donated for every book sold.

Cover art by Sarah Silverberg

Cover design by Chandler Pierce